The use of details is what takes this kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary.

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What We Did

This scrutinized design delivers a kitchen for a serious cook who entertains casually or formally and requires a space that is both efficient and comfortable. The heart of this kitchen is the stunning cooking center composed of breathtaking custom painted and metallic hand glazed cabinetry. The prominent island with contrasting decorative elements, handmade backsplash tiles, ornamental end panels and furniture base inspire all who enter. This kitchen appeals to timeless design and traditional countenance.

What We Used

Door Style: Tuscan Maple
Cabinet Colour: Topaz Crystal with Dusk Accent

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WE-Pertman 004.jpg
WE-Pertman 003.jpg

What We Love 

The little design details and contrasting decorative elements throughout this home add to the character of this timeless traditional design making it one of our favorite projects.



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