A major home renovation or new build, while very exciting, often can feel overwhelming at the beginning of the planning stage. Choices will need to be made regarding the design layout, overall style and function of your space, and then you have to decide what goes in each of those spaces. 

Cabinetry selections are a major component of any new home or renovation project and making informed, thoughtful choices starts with some basic preparation.

1. What Inspires You

Create an idea book with magazine or catalog cut outs of styles, colours, and features that you want to incorporate into your new cabinets. Check out Houzz and Pinterest for design ideas. Check out our project portfolio page for additional inspiration. While the kitchen may be your main focus remember to include ideas for all of your spaces. Bathrooms, laundry and mudrooms deserve a little love too.

2. Measure and Photograph Your Space

Reference our how to measure your spaces page when remodelling and get to work. Remember this doesn’t have to be a work of art, just a legible layout for us to get started with. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Take a couple wide angle photos to share with your designer. For new home construction we will require a copy of your blueprints from your builder.

Learn how to measure your existing space

3. Schedule Your Initial Design Consultation

Meet with one of our designers and discuss your project. During this visit we will tour the showroom and provide information on our cabinet lines, discuss options for countertops, and the review insert options that are available. The goal of this meeting is for us to learn about your project, how your space should function, and your overall design style. Make sure to bring your idea book!

Learn how to prepare for a design meeting

4. Review Your Design

After meeting with you we get to work on your new cabinet design. We take all the information discussed with you during the initial design consultation and incorporate it into a cabinet layout and complete drawings to share with you. This process generally takes about a week, depending upon the complexity of the design and scope of project. When we have your new cabinet design ready we will schedule another meeting with you to review the cabinet layout, countertop selections, and pricing with you.

5. Go Home and Visualize Your New Kitchen

We never expect you to make a purchasing decision at the design review.  In fact we discourage it.  We want you to review the design and proposed layout in your space.  Imagine where you will keep your pots and pans, your baking sheets and your silverware. Where will large appliances go? Is there enough storage in the bathroom?  Visualize the function and flow of your new cabinets.  The key to a successful remodel or new build is not only that it looks great, but that it is functional and beautiful as well.  When you have reviewed the design, we will schedule a follow up appointment to make any necessary changes to the design.

6. Verify Your Measurements & Appliances

Once you have finalized your design and all fixture and appliance specifications, it is time to verify your measurements and make sure your new cabinets will fit. An appointment will be set to visit the site and do the final measure.

7. Order Your Cabinets

After all the cabinetry selections, fixtures, appliance specifications and final measurement have been completed, it’s time to place your order. Because all cabinets are made to order and are non-refundable, all cabinet orders require a 50% deposit at the time of the order.  

8. Delivery

It typically takes 7-8 weeks to receive your new cabinets. During this time make all the preparations for your new cabinets. A cabinet ready checklist will be provided by your designer. Whether it’s a renovation or new home build we will coordinate site readiness for the cabinet delivery.

9. Installation of Your New Cabinets

Cabinet installation is typically a major milestone in any remodel or new build. We will schedule and complete your cabinet install using one of expert installation craftsmen. While the initial cabinet install will cover the majority of the required installation, there is often a second installation date scheduled after tile and flooring to complete the finishing touches like light valance, crown moulding and toe kick.

10. Enjoy Your New Cabinets!

That’s it! Completing a remodel or building a new home is exciting but can also be a bit stressful. Once completed though there is nothing to do but enjoy the efforts of your hard work. Throw a party! There is nothing like the feeling of cooking that first meal or having that first bath in your new space.  One of our favourite things is seeing the look on our customers face right after the work is completed. We love keeping in touch with our customers and hearing how years after their project is completed they still love their spaces!


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